Aroma Diffuser of Promotion Gift (TH-15)

- Dec 20, 2016-

This USB Aroma Diffuser with whisper-Quiet Ultrasonic Operation, it is easy to carrier anywhere you want. You can alter the product by yourself such as LED light, Mist, Water Lack. It is very easy to use. You will be benefit from this product :healthy body, good skin, fresh air and better mood towards life.



2.Aroma diffusion(apply to water-soluble perfume only)




3working hours set:30/60/120mins


Other setting can be altered on the unit during use:


LED light control

Light don't shine when connected to power, are controlled by "LIGHT" button,  the unit's light can be adjusted from high shinning to weak shinning to off by short pressing,  with one sound"B", when light off sounds "B"-"B"

Mist Control

No mist when connect to the power, mist and timer can be controlled by "MIST" button. Timer can be adjusted during 30/60/120minutes by short pressing, with one sound "B". When mist off sounds"B"-"B"

Water lack control

Auto detection on water tank, mist and light turn off automatically after 3 seconds, with sound "B"-"B"





Adapter Voltage  DC 5V/500mA

Time Mode:30/60/120min     

Power supplier: 600mm(L)

Water capacity:50ml

LED light:3pcs

Materials: PP

Accessories: power supplier(USB cable for computer, user manual)

Ultrasonic Frequency:3MHz


Package Type: The original packaging of us



To prevent electrical shock, personal injury or fire hazard , please observe the following points:

In case of accidental spillage:

1.Disconnect the power supply and then remove the cover.

2.Drain the rest of the water from unit's drain side(refer to FIG H)

3.Shake the unit lightly and allow 24 hours to dry before resuming use.

Note:oil fragrance may damage certain surfaces. If any direct contact occurs , use a dishcloth to wipe oil from surface immediately.




1.Q:Could I alter mist ?

 A:Yes , you can. mist and timer can be controlled by "MIST" button.

2.Q:Could I get some sample?

  A:Yes. We can send sample to you .

3.Q:Can you accept OEM?

 A:Yes. We can design the product according to your requirement.

4.Q:Can I alter the light ?

 A:Yes, of course. You can change it by "LIGHT" button.

5.Q:Does it stop working automatically?

 A:Yes.You can set working time : 30/60/120min.

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