Aroma Air Conditioning Turned

- Sep 13, 2016-

In recent years, with the increase of consumer demand, household air-conditioning industry is developing rapidly, from the concept to the center frequency of the potential popularity of intelligence around the world, and selling more and more diversified and personalized air conditioning function. Recently, the national grid on the air conditioning Forum, suning generated by a new product is easy to set a new industry recognition, upgraded from a thermostat, clean atmosphere control "aromatherapy air conditioning" birth.

Air conditioning + aromatherapy to create quality home environment

Suning and aroma air conditioning system whirlpool brand, after 3 years, thousands of tests developed air conditioning products. It is based on the household air conditioning adds a "aromatherapy module" so that air conditioning running release essential oils fragrance in order to purify the air, soothing, calming sleep. Consumers through the air conditioning at home, you can experience the wonders of aromatherapy.

It is reported that this aromatherapy air conditioner designed specifically for high grade urban women, at the same time create a comfortable, elegant, homelike environment for health benefits. Aroma air conditioning using a selection of high quality essential oils, can lead to soothe the brain, improve sleep, mood effects, it is also a lot of five-star hotels, leisure health establishments have reason for using aromatherapy.

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