Air-conditioned Rooms With Appropriate Use Of Humidifier Will Sleep Better

- Sep 13, 2016-

The "Grill" mode to get a good night's sleep, this is now, many people desperately in need. Continental decorative designers believe that night sleeping with the air conditioning or fans, then control the fan intensity and temperature of the air conditioning is very important.

Many nights sleeping with the air conditioning at midnight, wake up will be cold, it is a taboo for the summer sleep. Air conditioning temperature must not be set to feel the cold, the temperature level, which not only affects sleep, more hazardous to our health. In principle, the summer night air conditioning set at 27 degrees is reasonable. In fact, high and low temperature settings vary, there is no fixed requirements, people feel comfortable after the setting is the most important.

If necessary, in appropriate use a humidifier in the room of the air conditioning in the summer, and also to better their quality of sleep. If you can't be bothered, sleeping bags can also pad behind a cool water, or water bag on the underarms, knees nest help easy cooling of heat sinks and help induce sleep.

Special tip, not only to the external cooling, want a good night's sleep, habit clocks inertia is important to everyone at a time will cause drowsiness, but also easier to get to sleep faster.

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