ABS USB Mini Personal Office Desk Humidifier

- Jan 10, 2017-

Feel dry air in your office ,bedroom or your car? Do you want to own a good skin? Do you want to live in a fresh environment? Come here please, This USB Moisture Ultrasonic Humidifier can help you make it: Fresh air, good skin, improve the air in a air-condition room and enjoy your elegant life.






1.USB Air Humidifier                                                                          

2.Newest Ultrasonic technology, Atomization even more delicate, Not wet Desktop

3. 2 hours working time setting, to prevent dry



Rated Voltage : DC 5V                                   

Rated Power: 2±0.5W

Amount of water spray Mist:20-30ml/hr


Applied Area:15 m2

Working Temperature:10-40

Product size:9.5*9.5*7cm

Packing QTY:100PCS

NW/GW: 19/20kg





Q1: Does it help to relieve dry skin in the winter?

A1: Yes, It will makes skin in a wet environment.

Q2:How many hours does it work?

A2: It about 3 hours once.

Q3: How large a room does it cover?

A3: A Middle room.

Q4: Is it clean the air?

A4: Yes, it is.

Q5: How long does it run on a full "tank" of water?

A5: Not really sure. It depends on your usage.


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