Why People Choose Aromatherapy

- Oct 25, 2019-

Why People Choose Aromatherapy


       People can recognize and remember nearly 5,000 odors, and it is said that trained perfume critics can even distinguish tens of thousands of odors. In the case of odor stimuli, people recall that the number of things that happened before the age of 10 was more than twice that of the absence of odor. The principle that people accept odor is similar to the key-locking principle in enzymology in the field of biochemistry. It is very vivid to say that gas is a key, and the part of our olfactory system that accepts gas is a lock. Different keys to unlock different locks.

       When people smell a certain smell for the first time, they will begin to establish neural connections. Later, when they smell this smell, they will have some kind of nostalgia or behavior.

       Why is this happening? The odor into the nasal cavity is first treated by the olfactory bulb in the nasal cavity. The odor information is then transmitted to the main areas of the limbic system that are associated with emotions and memories, the hippocampus and the tonsils, which in turn affect our response to odors. Other sensory stimuli take longer to make an impression, and not as memorable as smell.

        About 75% of people's emotional olfaction is caused by consumers who believe that scented products are of better quality, consumers are more willing to buy and are willing to spend more in a scented environment, and consumers have a longer memory of scented environments. In all human senses, the taste is the strongest, it gives the brain sensory stimulation and memory, time goes by, the brain's memory of taste is more than 100 times more than the rest such as sight, hearing and touch.

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