why do you want to buy a fragrance diffuser?(I)

- Nov 18, 2019-

 why do you want to buy a fragrance diffuser? (I)


      Aromatherapy can make the space fragrant and fragrant, accompanying your day and night. The exquisite and rich coat is undoubtedly a visual feast. In recent years, with the development of the market, there are more and more aromatherapy devices on the market, and there are too many enumerations, so many people who want to buy are unpredictable.

     The main incense burners on the market today are:

Candle incense lamp

Principle: use candle heating to help volatilize

     The main advantages and disadvantages: although not subject to the wire, candlelight can create an atmosphere, but candle burning may cause safety problems, and candle burning may produce harmful substances and consume oxygen, it is recommended not to use more

Water oxygen machine

Principle: Using ultrasonic vibration + fan blowing

     Main advantages and disadvantages: water mist creates an atmosphere humidification space; but the low-level machine is not safe to atomize, the table top will be wet, and it is not suitable for wet places.

Expanded fragrant stone

Principle: use constant temperature (60 ~ 70 degrees Celsius) heating to help volatilize

      Main advantages and disadvantages: suitable for thicker essential oils, the range of diffusing fragrance is very limited, the fragrance of pure plant essential oil is difficult to spread out, only suitable for blending aromatherapy oil to spread fragrance.

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