Why can't add essential oil to humidifier

- Dec 26, 2019-

Why can't add essential oil to humidifier ?

The principle of some humidifiers and some aromatherapy machines is the same, the principle is to vaporize the liquid. Essential oils are oily, and the components of essential oils are not single, so their boiling points are not the same. Many components have higher boiling points than water, and some components have lower boiling points than water. The composition changes, so the humidifier is not suitable for the vaporization of essential oils; the ultrasonic humidifier uses high frequency to oscillate the molecules to make the water vaporize quickly, and the essential oils will also be vaporized. The professional essential oil machine will reduce the degradation rate of essential oil components in the use of materials and the design of certain details. The simplest example is that oily substances can easily degrade plastics and cause adverse effects, and some good aromatherapy machines will not change much when using essential oils, and will not cause corrosion. Such products are obviously much safer!

YYM Essential Oil Diffuser

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