Whole Sale Cheap Price Ultrasonic Air Freshen Nebulizer

- Jul 01, 2017-

Product Detail

Basic Info

  • Product Name:Air Freshener Humidifier

  • Material:Plastic

  • Color:Red, Purple, Blue, Green

  • Suit for:Room,Office,Study

  • Type:Humidify

  • OEM/ODM:Acceptable

  • Specification:CE, Rohs

  • Origin:Shenzhen, China

    humidifier with oil diffuser

Product Description

The body is horizontally arranged in the appropriate places. Remove water tank, water tank inversion lid of the box, into clean tap water. For convenience will cover is tightly screwed, the water tank is not water leakage shall prevail(without screwing tight). Wipe the water around the glob, installed water tank. Access 220V AC 50Hz power supply, a clockwise turn knob switch, according to production needs to adjust the mist size indicator lights, humidification, humidification quantity can be adjusted, the built-in dream electronic lamp, built-in safety device of automatic protection.

scented oil diffuser
Humidification, purification, oxygen.
1. Improve the indoor temperature to get rid of dry, increase humidity. Spirits, improve work efficiency.
2. Negative ions purify the air, eliminate smoke, decomposition odors, mold and other harmful substances.
3. Release the negative charge, activated oxygen molecules, so that the body of oxygen inhaled an increase of 20%, and discharged more than 15% of carbon dioxide.
Beauty, healthcare
1. Moisturize skin, negative ions directly contact with the face, facial rapid cell activation. Make the skin exquisite and smooth, more vibrant health.
2. Negative ion of the new supersedes the old, keep the air fresh, eliminate fatigue, prevent air conditioning disease.
Treatment, decoration
1. Add into the special syrup or isatis root, white vinegar, blacking flu, pneumonia virus intrusion, to create a good respiratory tract of patients with convalescent space.
2. Adding perfume or fragrance oil, warm indoor atmosphere, the fusion of modern office environment, home furnishing the pursuit of personalized, rendering the romance.

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