Which is better for aromatherapy machine and humidifier?

- Nov 01, 2019-

Which is better for aroma diffuser and humidifier?

1. The function of the aromatherapy machine is more abundant, and the air can be purified by the aroma molecules. And the effects of various essential oils are not the same, rosemary can relieve fatigue, mountain lemon can whiten oil control, geranium can prevent colds.

2. The power of the aromatherapy machine is small and more energy-saving. In fact, the same capacity of the aromatherapy machine and the humidifier, the applicable area is larger. It will not be very expensive to use for one day.

Aroma diffuser

3. The aromatherapy machine is smaller in size and more convenient to carry. If you are on a business trip, traveling, etc., it is unrealistic to take the humidifier out. However, the aromatherapy machine is relatively small and can be easily placed in a suitcase or travel bag.

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