What Time Use Aroma Diffuser is Suitable?

- Feb 26, 2020-

What Time Use Aroma Diffuser is Suitable?

         Use before bedtime: After a busy day, when you want to relax your body and mind, you can feel relaxed and comfortable through the fragrant fragrance brought by the negative ion diffuser. At night, it is recommended to use some more relaxing essential oils: lavender, Sweet orange and so on.

        When doing exercise at home: When doing simple exercises such as yoga or stretching at home, along with the aroma of the negative ion diffuser, you can experience the purified furniture space and mind together, and you can also meditate. It is recommended to use some: happy Sage, cedar and other essential oils.


        Purify the air: When welcoming guests to visit or clean the room, you can also use the negative ion diffuser at this time to emit fresh air, so that the entire room is filled with fresh air. Purified air can choose: lemon, Eucalyptus Other essential oils are also antiviral.

       When at work: the tight office rhythm will affect people ’s emotions, devour our energy, make us unable to concentrate, and reduce our work efficiency. At this time, we can order aromatherapy. Not only can she help you improve work efficiency, but also Helps to soothe emotions, restore a healthy and positive attitude, enhance our creativity and inspiration, and is recommended when we need to enhance our work efficiency: rosemary, mint essential oil. It can also increase our memory.


        When someone is sick at home: If someone in the family has a cold or fever, this is my suggestion that you must order aromatherapy (must be aromatherapy-grade essential oils). Good essential oils can enhance human resistance, anti-virus, sterilization, and prevent transmission to others. You can choose to use tea tree, rosa vinifera leaves, eucalyptus and other essential oils

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