What If the Aromatherapy Diffuser Does Not Fog?

- Oct 28, 2019-

What If the Aromatherapy Diffuser Does Not Fog?

 It is best not to use tap water when aromatherapy, because high chlorine content in tap water will destroy the beneficial ingredients of essential oils. It is recommended to use pure water. If it is a plug-in ultrasonic aromatherapy machine, pure water cannot be used because it cannot be ionized and there is no way to atomize it.

 If it is not foggy, it is estimated to be dirty or the storage port is blocked. Just wipe it with a cotton swab.

 Check the fog. May be blocked by the water film. Use your mouth to blow into the misty mouth, and the fog will come out.

What if the aromatherapy machine does not fog?

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