Using the spatial aroma environment to influence the consumer's shopping environment

- Oct 24, 2019-

Using the spatial aroma environment to influence the consumer's shopping environment

The human sense of smell can distinguish a variety of fragrances. The fragrant aroma of the plant essence oil stimulates the brain through the olfactory system, affecting mood, brain activity, memory, mind and behavior. It has the effects of boosting, stimulating, balancing, soothing and relaxing. The fragrant scent also creates a happy scent marketing environment for consumers to experience your unique corporate personality, remember the pleasant consumption experience you have given them, and effectively enhance the hunter's desire to re-consume. Enhancing the image, grade and economic benefits of the company is the brand's silent logo.

Today, with the rapid development of the economy, Chinese and foreign brands are dazzling, and countless, Futong's business philosophy and corporate marketing model have been greatly impacted and tested. How does your brand stand in the rapids of competition? How to survive in the weak and stay strong and stand out?Humidifier

A long time ago, people knew how to use visual, taste, touch and sensation to stimulate the senses of consumers, so as to obtain better marketing results. Today, olfactory marketing has become the way we do business. The first successful companies to use scent marketing are Nestle Coffee, Airlines, Coca-Cola and so on. They use the fragrance to make the brand more three-dimensional and more distinctive. Their success has given us a great inspiration: a successful brand, with a creative and unique logo to package! Smell marketing is far faster than a single Futong marketing! More successful!

We look forward to creating a more perfect and more successful brand image for you. A brand image with personality and characteristics will make your company full of charm and win business opportunities, wealth and reputation!

Hotel: Different styles of hotel and space, combining the aroma of different characteristics, highlighting the hotel's cultural diversity, is the logo of the hotel company. It also reflects the hotel's customer-oriented business philosophy and considerate service spirit. Let the guests stay in love wherever they go.

Hotel Rooms: The elegant space is filled with the fragrance of the wilderness, as if you are surrounded by nature and enjoy the ultimate leisure. After asleep, it is a vibrant tomorrow.

Hotel Corridor: The fresh fragrance that floats, takes away your tiredness, makes you feel refreshed and walks lighter.

Hotel elevator entrance: warm atmosphere, comfortable, heart-felt, feel at home.

4S car shop: the aroma of encouragement, people are full of positive energy, stimulate the potential of customers, and complete the transaction with confidence.

Shopping center: linger in the aroma of easy and happy. Shopping and consumption are no longer a burden, but a new and enjoyable experience.

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