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Oil Diffuser Put one or two drops of essential oil in the water , then Plug in the power supply.Wait a few seconds. The essential oil will come out with the Water mist.Then it will full all of your house.just put your Favorite type of oil.

Ultrasonic Oil Diffuser Humidifier

7 color gradient Your girl friend and kids may need a colorful night when the night landing.Different color light will full at your house,do not need open your light,choose the favorite color you like and Slowly close your eyes.With the oil smell you can have a beautiful and quite dream.

aromatherapy oil diffuser

Auto-shut down when the water used off ,This type of diffuser will automatic shut down. You do not need worry there is nobody can shut down it when you are out or when child are using it .Just Rest assured bold to purchase and use.

Quite as night Mute equipment this machine will not bother you anything , this is A whisper-quiet ultrasonic operation .This noiseless diffuser is ideal for Bedroom Nursery Desk Yoga Fitness Spa act.

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