The difference between an aromatherapy machine and a humidifier.

- May 21, 2018-

The contrast between humidifier and aroma machine is distinguished from three aspects.

But the humidifier is similar to the aromatherapy machine, but there will be some differences, which will be explained in several ways.

1. Comparison between humidifier and aroma machine - function.

The main addition of the humidifier is pure water, which is different in the structure of the product, so the effect is limited.

And aromatherapy machine is specially designed for essential oil use, in the body can add water, plant essential oil, reach the role of can emanate aroma molecules to purify the environment, but also can increase the air air humidifier

2. Contrast between humidifier and aroma machine - fog.

Aromatherapy machine in order to stabilize the aroma loss, so the use of advanced atomization module with international patent duct design, have the volume control circuit set of steady, can let every aromatherapy machine can produce quantity of fog and light incense in the high consistency fog, ensure uniform sweet mist particles is exquisite, this will ensure that aromatherapy aromatherapy machine produced the fog can stay in the air for a long time, so that the body of each oil molecular absorption better and more fully.

The humidifier fog will be very small, but after a period of time, it is easy to form a stream of water.

Comparison of humidifier and aroma machine -- material.

humidifier whole house

Humidifier add mainly by water, so the material is mainly on the AS plastic or ABS plastic material AS a tank, not the corrosive action of essential oils, long-term use can lead to corrosion of water tank, and aromatherapy machine by adding plant essential oil is mostly partial acid, so the container must adopt the corrosion resistance, so use the PP material.

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