The secret of space fragrance

- Dec 25, 2019-

The secret of space fragrance

        Have you ever tried to walk around the elegant street corner, smelling a good perfume from a strange girl around you, looking back, but you do n’t know where she is, and this aroma has drifted into your heart, let it Are you dreaming?

        Smell is the most direct and most easily forgotten part of the five senses of human beings. It is only the sense of smell that is the stimulation of the brain's response before entering the thinking. In daily life, we live in all kinds of smells all the time. . These smells are pleasant and pleasant, but also have sour odors. At the same time, these odors also affect our mood and memory unknowingly. Therefore, the sense of smell has been used by a variety of commercial behaviors.

        American Journal of Business" has proposed a research report on odor and business environment. Researchers in the mall, what impact will simulated fragrances have on consumers? The report states that in a crowded shopping environment, the smell of nature, such as forests or the ocean, is used to symbolize the smell of open spaces, which is most comfortable for consumers. Conversely, in overly empty spaces, closed odors (such as Wet taste) makes people feel anxious.


         According to Bianca Grohmann, a professor of marketing at Concordia University in the United States, according to this experiment, "Consumers' purchasing behavior and feelings are obviously influenced by their sense of smell. Commercial spaces must also carefully choose the odor that suits the environment to allow consumers to consume People can shop in a more comfortable consumer environment. "And it's because smell has such characteristics. More than 85,000 companies in 50 countries around the world have adopted this new olfactory marketing approach early on. This is the initial flavour marketing.

        As a modern person, in the busy life and frequent travel and business trips, he often feels anxious because of the rhythm of the camp. The hotel is only a temporary place for travelers, but it is more like a home away from home. Make travellers feel at home on their business trips; relieve stress and anxiety of white-collar collars; ease the mood of swaying consumers; increase consumer desire; these are the most important topics for various operators, and indoor fragrance The atmosphere is the most appropriate and provides the most direct relaxation experience for each audience.

        An expert in the field of fragrance and fragrance marketing, has a series of expert teams in professional marketing, research and development, production, and sales. At the same time, the series of fragrance products required by the market are complete and have rich OEM and ODM experience. In conducting fragrance marketing, through a series of investigations and planning, research the fragrance marketing plan suitable for the brand. The texture and aroma that can represent the brand style become the connection point between the brand and the customer, and the fragrance touches people's hearts. Zhiyi Fragrance has rich experience in brand cooperation, has established a large and stable network of brand cooperation, established a professional fragrance with a professional and unique fragrance for the brand, created a fragrance business card, and has been praised for its publicity effect. Now it has become a space fragrance Experts in atmosphere services. To a fragrance, advancing with the times, the same quality, to create a brand strategic fragrance for you, to help you open up the blue ocean trade market.

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