The principle of aromatherapy machine - characteristics of aromatherapy machine

- Mar 19, 2018-

The principle of aromatherapy machine - characteristics of aromatherapy machine

1. Work clean air. The essential oil aromatherapy machine generates a large number of active oxygen anions. The harmful gas molecules in the air produce a strong reaction, completely eliminate, completely eliminate formaldehyde, benzene, ammonia and other hazards.

2. Use safety. The cold mist produced by the essential oil aromatherapy machine can disperse and maintain the active ingredients of essential oils, making it easier for the essential oils to be absorbed by the body and thus exerting its maximum effectiveness. Within 2 seconds you can feel the original ecological aromatherapy. It is very different from the traditional heating and burning types. Cold fog technology does not destroy any components of essential oils, does not produce secondary pollution, and is safer to use.

3 . The project is small in size. Essential oil aromatherapy machine water volume is about 100ml. Only one or two drops of essential oil can be added to the water to achieve aromatherapy effect, suitable for this precious product and economical application. Humidifiers are large, mostly around 1L.

4. Strong corrosion resistance. A good essential oil aromatherapy machine is made of special ABS material. The metal plate also has a special material that can resist the chemical corrosion of oil and water. The principle and function of aromatherapy

Make the air fresh. When welcoming guests to visit, or pay attention to the smell in the room, the aroma of essential oils will make the air fresh.

2. Focus. When the office has a long meeting or study alone, let the aroma of essential oils keep your brain awake.

Relax before bed. After a busy day, relax your mind and body. You will feel very relaxed and comfortable with the scent of aromatic oils.

From the above, we can choose the right aromatherapy machine to use. Buying a good perfume machine for us can lead to a better use effect and help us all with good help. I believe we can bring more of us. Good help

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