The Nebulizing Essential Oil Diffuser

- Aug 07, 2017-

The Nebulizing Essential Oil Diffuser

In physics, there is a property known as the “Bernouli Principle.” In the simplest terms, this principle states that as the speed of a liquid is increased, the air pressure surrounding the liquid decreases, creating suction. A modern diffuser, like our nebulizing essential oil diffusers take advantage of this behavior in physics, and means that no potentially harmful heat is required to vaporize an essential oil.

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Basically, a stream of air is pushed past a container holding the essential oil. As the air is distributed, it creates suction. However, the suction is such that the essential oil is not carried through in its entirety, the way it would if someone were sucking on a straw. Instead, tiny particles are drawn through, and join the stream of air that is pushed out into the environment.

In this way, only small vapor particles enter the air, and this is done in a far faster, safer, more environmentally friendly fashion than the traditional diffusers of old. By applying modern science and physics to one of the most therapeutic and beneficial forms of self-applied therapy, we have created a system that gives our customers all the benefits of essential oil therapy with none of the drawbacks.

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The “essence” in the essential oil is not modified in any way thanks to the lack of heat. It doesn’t occur for every single essential oil, but some oils will eventually have a natural chemical reaction when exposed to heat at a certain temperature or for a certain time. This heat changing substances is simply physics and chemistry at work, and there is no getting around this when introducing heat into such a situation. Our nebulizing oil diffuser preserves the beneficial properties of every essential oil you put into it, with no chemical reaction.

Another benefit of our modern essential oil diffuser is no use of water. Some diffusers require water to be present in order to mix the oil with water vapor. This can have the unintended effect of adding humidity to a room, as well as well as physically or chemically altering the effectiveness of the oil when inhaled or absorbed through the skin. Because our diffuser uses no heat and no water, this ensures that the potency of the oil remains untouched, and can be quickly inhaled or absorbed with no loss in effectiveness whatsoever.

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An essential oil diffuser can be a surprisingly pleasant and effective way to bring more relaxation and even health benefits into your home. Our modern diffusers take this to the next level with greater efficiency, safety and environmental friendliness.

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