The Main Role of the Humidifier

- Oct 31, 2019-

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The Main Role of the Humidifier


        Entering modern engineering design, the good environment brings benefits to the human body and products. The control of the environment in the workshop, production workshop, warehouse, office and home is getting more and more attention. For example, the indoors are dry in winter, and the air humidity does not reach the standard humidity (40% RH-60% RH). The dry environment will cause water loss and accelerate the aging of life. The humidifier creates the ideal indoor humidity and protects the health of the family. Three basic environmental control methods: 1. Air quality, 2. Temperature, 3. Relative humidity. Relative humidity is most easily overlooked, and proper relative humidity control is also an important factor in plant energy efficiency and work efficiency.


        Under normal circumstances, temperature can directly affect people's feelings about the living environment. Similarly, humidity can also affect people's lives and health. With the improvement of people's living standards, air conditioners are widely used, leading to the growth of air-conditioning diseases such as tight skin, dry tongue, cough and cold. Science has proven that air humidity is closely related to human health and daily life. Medical research shows that the room humidity reaches 45~65% RH, and when the temperature is 20~25 degrees, the human body and mind are in a good state, and the ideal effect can be obtained regardless of work or rest.

        In fact, the humidifier also has a lot of magical effects, such as adding a few drops of vinegar to the humidifier, which can play a bactericidal role. In the evening, add some lavender essential oil to the humidifier to improve the quality of sleep. Appropriate humidification in the living room effectively keeps the wooden furniture from deforming, and the wall surface is not cracked. In fact, the benefits are many, it is how to use it.

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1. Open the humidifier when cutting the onion to avoid tears.

2. A humidifier can be placed next to the computer to remove static electricity.

Precautions! Use ultrasonic humidifier to use pure water to prevent secondary pollution of air by calcium and magnesium ions in water!

Humidification hazard

       Indoor air humidification can be carried out by watering, placing a water basin, etc., but it is most convenient to use a humidifier. Many families have bought a humidifier and keep it open for 24 hours. However, experts point out that humidifiers increase the likelihood of respiratory illness.

When the humidifier is used, it must be cleaned regularly. Otherwise, the microorganisms such as mold in the humidifier enter the air with the vapor mist, and then enter the human respiratory tract, which is prone to suffering from humidifier pneumonia. In addition, the humidity of the air is not as high as possible. In winter, the humidity that the human body feels comfortable is about 50%. If the air humidity is too high, people will feel chest tightness and difficulty breathing, so the humidification should be moderate.

        In order to improve the indoor dry environment, many households use a humidifier, and while people enjoy the humid air, various bacteria in the room also grow and breed in such an environment. These bacteria are the culprit causing pneumonia and respiratory diseases. .

        This kind of disease, which doctors call "humidifier pneumonia", is similar to the "air conditioning disease" common in summer, because harmful microorganisms enter the respiratory tract of the human body through the air and cause inflammation.

         Various microorganisms floating in the air and scattered in dust and articles, when temperature and humidity are suitable, they will grow and multiply rapidly, and the elderly, children and other people with relatively weak resistance are susceptible to infection after inhaling bacteria. In addition to bacteria in the winter indoors, there are molds and actinomycetes, which can cause pneumonia or respiratory diseases, and the cough caused by such diseases can also accelerate the spread of bacteria.

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Experts remind users to pay attention to the following points when using:

1, with arthritis, diabetes patients with caution with air humidifier. Damp air can aggravate the condition of arthritis and diabetes, so it is generally not recommended for this type of patient. If such patients do need to use a humidifier to reduce the occurrence of some respiratory complications, they should consult with the specialist to determine the appropriate humidity to stabilize the primary disease.

2. Clean the humidifier regularly according to the instructions in the instructions. If the humidifier itself is unsanitary, the germs will float in the air with the water vapor, which will also cause harm to the health of the human body.

3, can not directly add tap water to the humidifier. Because the tap water contains a variety of minerals, it will cause damage to the evaporator of the humidifier, and the water and alkali contained will also affect its service life. Chlorine atoms and microorganisms in tap water may be contaminated by water mist blowing into the air. If the tap water hardness is high, the water mist sprayed from the humidifier contains white calcium powder, which will pollute the indoor air.

4. Adjust the humidity of the humidifier at any time according to the weather conditions and the temperature inside and outside. It is understood that many patients adjust the humidity only when they first purchase the air humidifier, and rarely adjust it after use. This will greatly reduce the role of the humidifier. Once the weather is raining, the humidity inside and outside the room rises, the humidity of the humidifier is still not lowered, and the humidity is increased invisibly, which makes people feel uncomfortable and uncomfortable for a long time. It is not conducive to the health of the human body; if the weather becomes too dry and the humidity of the humidifier is still not high, the effect of the humidifier is weakened.

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