The latest three humidifier designs

- Jul 17, 2020-

Are you tired after returning home after a hard day? Faced with an empty room, I don’t know how to relieve my fatigue, my skin is getting worse and my voice is hoarse. You know this is the cause of air, but you can’t do anything about it. At this time, the editor tells you In a word, the household incense machine seems very necessary to start at this time, as for the reason, let me talk slowly.

Gourd humidifier

Three unique designs of household aroma diffusers_product design-design

When will we use the aroma diffuser?

With the rapid development of science and technology, the sequelae of the city is that the urban environment is getting worse and worse, the air quality is getting worse and worse, and the dry environment has more and more serious impacts on people's health. The design of the aroma diffuser is a unique air humidifier, which can not only humidify the air but also emit a unique fragrance. Its unique essential oils are dispersed in the air, which can relieve the dryness of the air. At the same time, the aroma of the fragrance can relieve fatigue and help In sleep, long-term use of your skin problems, throat problems will gradually disappear. Because of this, the aroma diffuser has been noticed by more and more people and accepted by more and more families.

Humidity and temperature humidifier

Three unique designs of household aroma diffusers

What is the difference between aroma diffuser design and humidifier design?

Everyone will ask this question in their hearts. What is the difference between the two? In fact, in terms of function, there is no difference between an aromatherapy machine and a humidifier. They achieve the same purpose. The only difference is that the aromatherapy machine uses Fragrant oil is not pure water, so it can relieve stress and help sleep, and it plays a role that pure water does not.

Bamboo humidifier

Three unique designs of household aroma diffusers_product design-design

What aspects should the design of home aroma diffuser look at? The editor here tells you three points to pay attention to. The first is the mute and timing function, the second is the antivirus function, and the last is the security issue that we must pay attention to.

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