The Hazards of the Humidifier- ONE

- Mar 24, 2020-

The Hazards of the Humidifier- ONE

With the increase in the use of air conditioners, indoor humidifiers are becoming more and more popular. Humidifiers can increase indoor humidity, which makes the indoor environment more comfortable. Do you know the hazards of the humidifier.

Regarding the "hazards of the humidifier", as long as we use the humidifier correctly and reasonably, it will be beneficial to us when we fight against dryness. On the contrary, it has an impact on our lives. The harm of the humidifier mainly comes from two aspects: the first is that the purchased humidifier is inferior product, and the harm of the humidifier is still great; the second is that the humidifier is not used properly, and the harm of the humidifier will also be Show up. Therefore, if you want to avoid the harm of the humidifier, you must choose a high-quality humidifier, and you must use it correctly!

The harm of the humidifier is mainly reflected in the following aspects:

1. Many kinds of microorganisms floating in the air or scattered in the dust and articles, once the temperature and humidity are suitable, they will quickly grow and reproduce, so the elderly, children, etc., who have relatively weak resistance People are susceptible to infection after inhaling bacteria. In addition, improper use of the humidifier may also cause "humidifying pneumonia". This is because when the humidifier is in use, if it is not cleaned regularly, microorganisms such as mold in the humidifier enter the air with the aerosol and then enter the human respiratory tract, which is prone to "humidifying pneumonia".

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