The effect of too humid air on baby growth

- Sep 16, 2019-

The effect of too humid air on baby growth


Experiments have shown that when the air humidity is higher than 65% or lower than 38%, the germs breed the fastest. If the humidifier is used for a long time in a relatively small confined space, local moisture will be too high. Especially for babies, when they are exposed to high humidity for a long time, they will feel uncomfortable in the nose, mouth and respiratory tract. The environmental humidity that is most conducive to your baby's life is 40%-60%. Households with babies need to buy a hygrometer. As long as the humidity is within the normal range, the humidifier can be turned off. It is not necessary to drive all day, which is both expensive and unhealthy.

So you'd better pay more attention to the humid of the air, when it comes to the limited, pls close your humidifier.


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