The Difference Between the Fragrance System and the Fragrance Diffuser II

- Oct 29, 2019-

The Difference Between the Fragrance System and the Fragrance Diffuser II


3, atomization method

      In order to make the fragrance oil particles scattered in the space delicate, the atomization method of the fragrance system adopts the two-fluid normal temperature atomization method, so that the essential oil becomes nano-scale particles. The atomization method of the fragrance meter has Two methods: two-fluid normal temperature atomization and ultrasonic atomization.

4, the installation method

      There are two ways to install the fragrance system, one is to connect the coil machine, and the other is to connect the central air conditioning fresh air system. The installation of the fragrance meter main includes independent placement, wall hanging and ceiling.

      At present, some unprofessional fragrance companies not only do not clearly distinguish the correct guidelines for fragrance systems and fragrances, but even confuse them, causing users to somehow choose the fragrance equipment they use. For example, car fragrance is a small category in the fragrance Meter, but these fragrance companies call it a car fragrance system in order to enhance the selling point. In fact, this is misleading users.

     Today, YYM health technology teaches you to easily distinguish the difference between the fragrance system and the fragrance meter, and hopes to benefit everyone.

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