The Difference between Essential Oil and Carrier Oil

- Jan 15, 2020-

The Difference between Essential Oil and Carrier Oil


Essential Oil

Unilateral essential oil is a simple vegetable essential oil. Because of the high purity and concentration of unilateral essential oils, they cannot be used in large quantities. They need to be mixed and properly diluted under the guidance of professionals before they can be used in humans. Can be diluted with water and used as an aroma oil.

Carrier Oil is also called Base Oil

Base oil is a vegetable oil extracted from the fruits of plants. Because most essential oils cannot be directly applied to the skin, it can be diluted with the base oil and then widely used on our human skin. In addition, the base oil has a relatively high permeability, which can play the role of sending essential oil molecules to the surface layer of the skin. The base oil can be used directly on the skin, but if used with a single essential oil, it will have a ‘bonus’ effect.

If you still do n’t understand, do n’t know the characteristics of various types of essential oils, or do n’t know the dilution ratio of essential oils, you can directly purchase 'Pre-blended oil'. Pre-blended oil is a professional aroma therapist according to functional needs , With diluted products that can be used directly.

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