The difference between diffuser and humidifier

- Dec 18, 2019-

The difference between aroma diffuser and humidifier ?

With time going by, people spend 80% of their day indoors. Air-conditioned rooms, indoor waste bacteria increase, humidity decreases, and more and more household appliances that improve the indoor environment become popular. Humidifiers and aromatherapy diffuser are two of them.


Aroma Diffuser: The ultrasonic aromatherapy machine is specially designed for users of essential oils. The cavity can be filled with pure plant essential oil and pure water. The addition of essential oils not only increases the humidity of the air, but also emits aroma molecules. Depending on the composition of the essential oil, it can play different roles.

Humidifier: The main function of the humidifier is humidification, and only fresh water can be added.

YYM Diffuser

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