The difference between aromatherapy machine and humidifier

- Sep 17, 2020-

The difference between aromatherapy machine and humidifier

3. The difference of water cavity Pu'an smile aroma diffuser is specially designed for essential oil users. The research and development of each product adheres to humanized design and friendly user interface, so that users have a good experience in the use, cleaning and maintenance of the product , Especially the simple design of the water chamber structure, which greatly facilitates users to clean and maintain; the slim water tank capacity design keeps the concentration of fragrance mist emitted from beginning to end uniform.

The humidifier basically has a water supply tank design, and the internal design of the water cavity is complicated and cumbersome. After long-term use, it is easy to produce scale and difficult to clean.

4. The difference in the amount of fog Pu'an Bluetooth music aroma diffuser uses the advanced Kori ultrasonic atomization module + international patented air duct design, and the constant and stable fog volume control circuit setting makes every aroma diffuser capable of It produces a highly consistent and light fragrance mist, ensuring that the fragrance mist particles are fine and uniform, and stay in the air for a long time, so that the human body can absorb each essential oil molecule better and more fully. Humidifiers use humidification as the main or only function, usually using an atomizing sheet with a diameter of 20-25mm, which produces large and heavy particles, thick fog, and water mist particles stay in the air for a short time and not far away. 

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5. The difference in use The whole series of Pu'an aromatherapy machines are derived from the European simple and fashionable patent design, with the product's colorful and soothing color therapy lighting, which is conducive to aromatherapy and aromatherapy health care, disinfection and sterilization, air purification, humidification, and interior decoration anytime and anywhere And other purposes, not limited to any seasonal influence. It is better to use in dry and air-conditioned indoor environment. The main purpose of humidifiers is to humidify, and they are generally only used in dry periods, such as air-conditioned rooms in winter and summer.

6. The difference in size Pu'an aromatherapy diffuser has a beautiful and delicate design, fashionable and novel, and convenient to carry. It is suitable to be accompanied on business trips and gifts for personal use. The humidifier is slightly bulky due to the large water cavity and volume, which is not convenient to carry


7. The difference in capacity Pu'an Aroma Diffuser is specially designed for essential oil users. Within 3~4 hours of effective use, we try to reduce the volume of the water chamber as much as possible, and use the least essential oil to reach the maximum concentration, which is more conducive to use People need to change the type of essential oil flexibly according to their own nursing care. The main function of the humidifier is to humidify. Its water supply tank has a large capacity (usually 3L or above). Aside from degraded product life and damage to the machine, even if the dripping of essential oil is allowed, a large amount of essential oil must be consumed each time to volatilize a certain amount. Concentration of fragrance, thereby causing unnecessary waste for users to use expensive plant essential oils.

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