The difference between aromatherapy humidifier and humidifier

- Aug 20, 2019-

The difference between aromatherapy humidifier and humidifier:

  1. Function

   The function of the humidifier is to increase the humidity in the air. Its working principle is to use ultrasonic high frequency oscillation of 2 million times per second to atomize the water into ultrafine particles and negative oxygen ions of 1 micron to 5 micron to achieve uniform humidification. Can clean the air and improve health. Therefore, the water tank of a general humidifier has a large capacity, and it can be used for 8-9 hours when it is filled with water. In addition to increasing the humidity in the air, the aroma humidifier adds essential oils to make the room full of fresh, aromatic flavors. The working principle is also the high frequency oscillation generated by the ultrasonic vibration device, which decomposes water molecules and dissolved plant essential oil into nanometer cold fog with a diameter of 0.1-5 micrometers, which is emitted into the surrounding air to make the air full of fragrance.


   2. Material

   Ordinary humidifiers use ABS or AS plastic materials as water tanks, which are not resistant to essential oil corrosion. Long-term use will cause the water tank to corrode, causing cracking, and may also release toxic gases into the air, affecting the health of the body. Most of the aromatherapy machines are made of PP material, high temperature and corrosion resistant material, designed for essential oils, and can be safely and safely used. Popular: The advanced materials used in aromatherapy machines are better than ordinary materials and safe!



   3. Technology

   The ultrasonic vibration power of the ordinary humidifier is insufficient, and the aromatherapy essential oil cannot be decomposed and released. It is possible to put some essential oil on the water tank wall and waste the aromatherapy essential oil. The ultrasonic vibration technology used in the aromatherapy machine can atomize water molecules to the nanometer level, effectively dispersing the aromatherapy essential oil into the air, allowing us to bathe in the fragrant air. The aromatherapy machine takes advantage of the unique charm of the fragrance, which extends the communication from the sense of sight to the sense of smell to a deeper level. The fragrance is used to optimize the environment, so that customers can fully feel the intimate warm service and increase the customer's goodwill and satisfaction. Suitable for families, hotel rooms, lobby, aisles, guest rooms, etc.


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