The difference between aroma humidifiers

- Nov 07, 2019-

The difference between aroma humidifiers

In autumn and winter, the weather is easy to dry, and sometimes we have to buy an artifact with a humidifying function. There are also many friends who are not only satisfied with humidification, but also hope that the air is filled with a pleasant fragrance. Because of the unique charm of the fragrance, the communication extends from visual and auditory to the sense of smell to a deeper level. In the air, the faint natural aroma, in the moment of inadvertent interlacing, always makes people feel extraordinarily warm and increase the user's happiness....

      More and more household appliances that improve the indoor environment are becoming more popular. Humidifiers and aromatherapy machines are two of them, but humidifiers and aromatherapy machines are often confused. In fact, although the humidifier and the aromatherapy machine have the effect of humidification, the two are very different in terms of materials, technology, daily cleaning, and use.

Smart aroma diffuser

      Humidifier: A humidifier is a household appliance that increases the humidity of a room. The humidifier can humidify the designated room or it can be connected to a boiler or central air conditioning system to humidify the entire building. The material of the humidifier is ordinary engineering plastics. The corrosion resistance of pure plant essential oil is poor. It is very likely that the pure plant essential oil will be damaged in the humidifier to damage the humidifier and reduce the service life of the humidifier.

      Aroma diffuser: The aromatherapy machine is the unique charm of the fragrance, which extends the communication from the sense of sight to the sense of smell to a deeper level. Using aromatherapy to optimize the environment, customers feel the warmth of intimate service, increase customer's goodwill and satisfaction, suitable for hotels, leisure clubs, shopping malls, entertainment centers, auto 4S shops, homes and other space places.

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