The Correct Use of the Humidifier

- Dec 18, 2019-

The Correct Use of the Humidifier

5.Do not add disinfectants, etc.

Do not add chemicals to the humidifier at random, because these chemicals may decompose into other substances during heating. Random additions may cause other diseases.

6.Adjust the humidifier according to the weather conditions at any time

In winter, the human body feels comfortable and the humidity is about 50%, and the general humidity is 40% to 60%, and the human body will feel good. If the air humidity is too high, people will feel chest tightness, difficulty breathing, and increase the growth of germs. Therefore, when using a humidifier, the humidity of the humidifier should be adjusted according to the weather conditions and the indoor and outdoor air humidity.

7.Should not be too close to the human body

Humidifiers are electronic products, which may produce some radiation. Keep them away from pregnant women and babies during use. The distance from the human body can be controlled above one meter.

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