The coming of scent economy, the new trend of fragrance market

- Dec 27, 2019-

The coming of scent economy, the new trend of fragrance market

        There is an old saying in China that "I often walk between flowers and live to ninety-nine". While flowers can bring people a pleasant mood, the fragrance of flowers can also cure diseases and heal the mood.

        In the "Compendium of Materia Medica · Aromatic Chapter", the medical scientist Li Shizhen of the Ming Dynasty also listed a variety of herb plants with heat-removing, bactericidal and analgesic properties. A medical scientist in the Qing Dynasty, Wu Shangxian, said in his book "Li Wenwen": "The disease of the seven emotions, seeing flowers to relieve boredom, smelling incense and refreshing, listening to music to relieve sorrow, is better than those who take medicine." Has a long history.


       What is floral therapy?

        Floral aromatherapy is the use of floral plants to assist medical treatment. It is actually a kind of natural therapy of traditional Chinese medicine. Mainly through the smell of plants volatile in the air, it affects people's psychology and physiology, so as to achieve the effect of treatment.

Why does the floral fragrance work?

       Oil cells in the flowers or stems and leaves of plants can decompose into a volatile aromatic oil under the sun's rays. After contacting with olfactory cells in people's nose, this substance produces a specific function, which has healing and health effects. According to experts, floral fragrances are intoxicating, and different floral fragrances can exert effects on different diseases.

Smell the fragrance-the main method of floral aromatherapy

        Floral aromatherapy mainly uses essential oils extracted from aromatic plants to act on the human body in a "smelling incense" manner to obtain the integrated effects of body, mind and spirit.

       The value of home fragrance is that it can improve the home environment, relieve mental stress, and create a better sensory atmosphere. At present, the pressure on urban life is increasing, and culture is popular. People in need of "healing" are gradually trying to improve the quality of life through olfactory experience. Consumers are more interested in products that can improve air quality, create a home atmosphere and enhance mood and mood to promote physical and mental health. Fragrance is a clear precedent.

        The consulting company Mintel had predicted that China's indoor air fresh products market will grow at an average growth rate of 7.2% in 2016-2021, and aromatherapy candles and aromatherapy lamps will have the fastest retail sales growth in the overall category, with an increase of 31.2% in 2016. Fragrances By smelling incense and helping to sleep, it is more simple and convenient to help people solve their sleep problems. It has the two advantages of health industry advantages and olfactory economic trends, allowing flowers and health to accompany you forever.

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