The benefits of aromatherapy

- Sep 13, 2016-

Five functions:

Ozone machine functions;

Air purifiers feature;

Oxygen manufacture machine functions;

Addition to dust mites feature;

The function of plant essential oils.

Nine major benefits:

Air purification (anion = natural air cleaners + ozone)

Improved sanitation (break down new car, new House, new remnants of furniture manufacture of formaldehyde and benzene)

Strengthens the immune system (immune system boost-third medicine)

Increase lung capacity (take a deep breath oxygen + more)

Help respiratory problems such as improving nasal allergy and asthma (plant oils + ozone + phytoncid)

To drive away mosquitoes, sterilization, with the exception of mites

Decomposition of secondhand smoke, eradicate the odor source (ozone)

Endocrine management, managing emotions and soothe irritability, relieve stress

Accelerates cell metabolism, stimulates cellular activity, increase the skin light

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