Seasonal essential oils recommend gentle maintenance of the skin

- Apr 02, 2018-

  Seasonal essential oils recommend gentle maintenance of the skin

Season one recommendation: Rose essential oil rose oil has a good nourishing conditioning effect, can be a good skin care, improve microvascular expansion, beauty and beauty.

The most important thing is that rose essential oils can eliminate feelings of depression, ease anger and nervousness, and are very helpful for conditioning autumn physical and mental health. Rose essential oils harmonize body and mind, both inside and outside, help to smooth the mood, and can increase the vitality of the skin, improve the condition of the skin, giving the skin a ruddy delicate, full of healthy glow.

Recommended Season Two: Lemon Essential Oil Lemon essential oil is a famous whitening product that can improve oily skin, brighten skin and whiten skin, also help you remove old dead cells and promote blood circulation.

The whitening effect of lemon essential oil is very obvious, but also has particularly good shrink pores.

Lemon essential oil can resist the dryness of the autumn and winter seasons, and it is very good to restore a beautiful complexion. Seasonal recommendation three: Lavender essential oil Lavender essential oil has a rich aroma and long-lasting effect, which can relieve tension. Lavender essential oil is suitable for any skin, it can promote cell regeneration, balance sebum secretion, improve acne and other skin problems, but also can stabilize mood, anti-depression, cure insomnia.

Lavender essential oil can also improve resistance and prevent colds. When the season changes, the climate changes, and its role can not be ignored! Seasonal recommendation four: tea tree oil Tea tree oil has a very strong penetration, and it enters the body very quickly.

Lemon essential oil has a very good antibacterial effect, can purify the skin, especially friends with skin problems, acne, acne, blackheads and ultimately tea tree oil.

Tea tree oil also enhances immunity and prevents colds.

And it can also refresh the mind and restore vitality.

Seasonal changes in the weather can easily make the body uncomfortable. Tea tree oil can help us to purify our body and keep it healthy.

Recommended Season Five: Sweet Orange Oil Orange Sweet oil has a good scent and has a good sedative effect. Has a very good moisturizing effect on the skin, which is an indispensable skin care product for the dry season. Sweet orange oil tastes sweet and gives people a good feeling. Is a good choice for the season!


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