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- Aug 04, 2017-


What is Diffusion?

Diffusion is the process where particles are dispersed and naturally spread out, going from high concentration to low. While this sounds quite technical, it is really a simple process that allows things like fragrance and moisture to travel through air.

In the case of essential oils, diffusion is the process where essential oil molecules are distributed through the air. It allows you to smell the aroma of oils whether you directly inhale straight from the bottle or disperse it another way. The oils are in a pure state of high concentration inside the bottle and once the lid is off and/or drops are dispersed the molecules will start to ‘diffuse’.

There are several ways essential oils can be diffused, but one of the most effective and long lasting is by a diffuser specifically designed for the job.

oil diffuser

How Does A Diffuser Work?

So, what is an oil diffuser? An oil diffuser is a device that facilitates the process of diffusion described above. That is, it distributes essential oils into the air and once airborne, they can be processed in your body. This can be achieved in several ways – evaporation, nebulization, vibration and heat. Sometimes a diffuser will use a combination of these methods.

Once the diffuser is working, not only will you smell the oils, but they are absorbed into the body by breathing or through the skin. This allows their many therapeutic benefits – emotional and physical – to be enjoyed.

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