Of what use is an essential oil diffuser to me?(D)

- Sep 04, 2018-

Of what use is an essential oil diffuser to me?(D)

7.Keeps those pesky germs away


Are you always down with something? A cough, a flu, etc. If that description fit you, you can use lemon oils to reduce the probability of catching a virus or reduce its severity if you already have one.


Peppermint can help you get rid of coughs and colds and oreganos keeps the flu away.


Essential oils keep your immune system at its peak.

 Oil diffuser

8.Freshening up the air


Most essential oils have sweet smells that get rid of the musk in the house. The oils also do not have harmful chemicals in them compared to commercial air fresheners.


9.Getting rid of pests


After using my essential oil diffuser for some time, I realized that the flies and mosquitoes were no longer around. It turns out some oils are good insect repellants.


10.Pain relief


Just as applying essential oils to the body brings relief when in pain, diffused oils also help with pain.




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