Of what use is an essential oil diffuser to me?(A)

- Jul 13, 2018-

Of what use is an essential oil diffuser to me?(A)


Maybe you already have a diffuser, or you want to get one, but you aren’t convinced just yet. I am going to tell you some of the uses of essential oils for your benefit. You may be operating on a tight budget so I’d hate for you to buy something that will be of no use to you.


There are different essential oils, and they also have different uses. In the same breath, some of them are not meant to be used directly on the skin.



Other than just benefitting me and my skin, diffusers have come in handy to me in the following ways;


1.Helps me sleep more soundly


If you are like me and sometimes find that all you do for a couple of hours at night is toss and turn, you need an essential oil diffuser. Unlike scented candles that may end up being catastrophic, the essential oil diffuser will not need watching, and the essential oils will lull you to sleep like a baby.


     2.Relief from allergies


I have allergies that sometimes cause my bronchioles to constrict, and I have difficulty breathing. During the attacks, I have shortness of breath, I cannot work, and even the slightest physical activities wear me out.

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