Notice for using the humidifier

- Oct 30, 2019-

Notice for Using the Humidifier

1. Purified water or distilled water is preferred.

The humidifier uses tap water, and the white powder deposited in the humidifier by the calcium and magnesium ions inside will block the spray micropores and reduce the efficiency. What is more serious is that particles such as chlorine metal ions in the tap water will volatilize into the air with the water mist, which is harmful to inhalation in the human body, but the tap water flowing out through the filter can also be used for the humidifier.

2, try not to add vinegar, aromatherapy essential oils vary from person to person.

After the atomized vinegar enters the respiratory tract, it will cause irritation and damage and induce disease. In addition, aromatherapy essential oils can only change the taste of the air, and can not improve the air quality, and rhinitis or allergic people should be used with caution.1002 (3)

3. Clean the humidifier regularly according to the instructions.

Timely cleaning the humidifier and replacing the water inside can reduce bacterial growth. Pure humidifiers need to be regularly replaced with filters and evaporators; ultrasonic humidifiers should pay attention to the cleaning of the water tanks, at least once a week, otherwise the scale will block the humidifier, and the microorganisms such as mold in the humidifier will enter the air with the mist. .

4, should not use the humidifier fungicide.

In 2011, there were many people suffering from unexplained lung disease in South Korea, killing more than 200 people. After investigation, the health department found that the humidifier biocide was the “culprit”.

1002 (5)

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