Notes on using aromatherapy essential oils (I)

- Nov 20, 2019-

Notes on using aromatherapy essential oils (I)

Notes on using aromatherapy essential oils

1. Do not use essential oils of uncertain quality;

2. Do not use essential oils that are contraindicated in your body;

3. Before you have consulted an expert, do not use essential oils for children under 10 years old. For children, experts are required to have qualified qualifications and herbal knowledge;

4. If you have a history of allergies, especially skin allergies, use caution. Before use, a small-scale skin test is now performed;

5. Some essential oils are prone to skin allergies and mucositis, please use them in small amounts;

6. When using essential oils, always prepare some vegetable oil on hand, because the oil can dissolve essential oils;

7. Avoid essential oils entering the eyes at all times. If you accidentally enter the essential oil aroma, immediately rinse with plenty of vegetable oil; if necessary, consult an expert;

8. Pure essential oils should not be taken orally, and should be diluted with appropriate medical excipients before they can be taken;

9. If you have questions about using essential oils, seek expert advice.


Use essential oils correctly

       Kaichun skin care first cell regeneration

       Although the aromatherapy of essential oils has been popularized in recent years, many people are not familiar with their skin quality and needs, and the essential oils are not pure and the usage is incorrect, which leads to the misunderstanding of essential oils.

       Different essential oil formulas have different effects on skin care and soothing mood. For example, in the winter season, the earth rejuvenates, and the focus of skin care is also on promoting cell regeneration. The nutrient supply of the skin mainly depends on a large number of microvascular transport, so the essential oils that promote cell regeneration have common characteristics, which promote and regulate the microvascular circulation and venous circulation, such as carrot seeds, lavender, orange blossom, sweet orange, and Otto. Rose, jasmine, hoarfrost, frankincense, Indian sandalwood, chamomile, rosewood, etc. are all essential oils that have a role in this area. And the above essential oils can also prevent skin sensitivity that is prone to occur during seasons.


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