Notes on the use of aromatherapy machine

- Mar 16, 2020-

Notes on the use of aromatherapy machine

a. Try not to use tap water when using the aromatherapy machine, otherwise it is easy to block the atomizing holes and affect the fogging effect. If the mist vent is blocked, you can use a clean cotton swab dipped in water to gently wipe the mist vent before continuing to use it.

b. Do not move the aromatherapy machine after filling with the aromatherapy liquid, and do not invert it, otherwise the liquid leakage will affect the circuit operation.

c. When selecting essential oils, you must also control the quality, otherwise it may cause damage to the aromatherapy machine.

aromatherapy humidifier

d. When the ambient temperature of the aromatherapy machine is below 0 degrees, the water tank is frozen, which is not suitable for use. In addition, the liquid of the aromatherapy machine should be poured out to avoid damage to the aromatherapy machine components due to the freezing of water.humidifier aroma diffuser

e. When cleaning the aromatherapy machine, be careful not to let water contact the base, and do not fill the air outlet with water. Just lift the lid and rinse with water. If equipped with a special cleaner, it can be cleaned with a cleaner. If you need to prepare your own detergent, a neutral detergent is recommended.

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