Method of judging whether the humidifier oscillates

- Nov 01, 2019-

Method of Judging Whether the Humidifier Oscillates

      Visual inspection method. As long as the humidifier can spray, it means the oscillator is working (when the fog is not obvious, it can be observed with a flashlight and a magnifying glass).

       Listen to the noise method. When the humidifier oscillates very weakly, the amount of mist generated by the transducer sheet is not significant. If you can't determine whether it is oscillating, you can find a semiconductor radio in the no-position position, open the volume close to the humidifier (within 30cm), then turn on the humidifier power switch, if you can receive noise interference at this time (the noise is foggy).  The influence of the quantity control potentiometer, that is, the oscillation is strong when the fog is large, the noise is large, and the weak noise is small when the fog is small, which indicates that the humidifier oscillates. Conversely, if the noise is not received, the humidifier does not oscillate.

Method of Judging Whether the Humidifier Oscillates

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