Main functions of the humidifier

- Sep 13, 2016-

Modern design, a good environment to the human body and the benefits of the product, plant, workshop, warehouse, Office and home environmental control of more and more people pay attention to. For example: winter indoor dry, humidity air humidity are not up to standard (40%RH-60%RH), dry conditions can lead to moisture loss, accelerate the aging of life. Humidifiers can create the ideal indoor climate, health care family. Environment control of three basic methods: 1. air quality, 2. temperature, 3. relative humidity. Relative humidity is the most neglected, proper humidity control corresponds to the plant's energy saving and efficiency is one of the most important factors.

Under normal circumstances, and temperature have a direct impact on people's living conditions. Similarly, climate will have an impact on people's lives and health. As people's living standard, widely used in air conditioning and skin tight, mouth dryness, cough-and-cold air conditioning, such as breeding grounds for disease. Science has shown that humidity and is closely linked to human health and life. Medical research shows that indoor humidity 45~65%RH, when the temperature is in the 20~25du, the human body, thought is best, both work and rest are achieving the desired results.

Humidifier also has a lot of magical effect, for example, add a few drops of vinegar to the humidifier, can play a role in sterilization. Evening in the humidifier drops lavender essential oil, you can improve the quality of sleep. Appropriate humidification keep wood furniture in the room without distortion, just paint the wall surface will not crack. Good, is what to do with.

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