Magical Effect of the Humidifier

- Aug 08, 2019-

Magical Effects of the Humidifier

As for the magical effect of the humidifier, how much do you know, let's take a look.

1. Adding vinegar to the water tank can prevent colds and remove the odor from the newly renovated house.

2. Add a few drops of toilet water to the water tank to relieve nasal congestion in children.

3. Adding light salt water to the water tank can relieve sore throat and chronic pharyngitis.

4. Add disinfectant solution to the water tank to clean and disinfect indoors.

5. Flower shops and fruit shops can use the humidifier to preserve fruits and flowers.

6. Humidification of the living room can make the wooden furniture not deformed, and the wall of the freshly painted wall does not crack.

7. Place a humidifier next to it to remove static electricity.

8. Add some orange peel to spice the air.601E主图-10

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