Humidifier Use Precautions

- Oct 31, 2019-

Humidifier Use Precautionssmall humidifiers

Thirdly, the improper use of the humidifier will also cause harm:

1. Improper use may cause allergic diseases, such as humidifier fever, increasing the incidence of respiratory and respiratory diseases in humans;

2. After the humidifier is used, if you do not pay attention to regular cleaning, the microorganisms such as mold in the humidifier will float in the air, causing harm to the human body, such as humidifier lung disease;

3. Tap water cannot be added to the humidifier. If the tap water hardness is high, the water spray from the humidifier will contain calcium and magnesium ions, which will produce white powder, which will not only pollute the indoor air, but also affect people's normal breathing;

4, the humidity of the humidifier should be moderate, not the higher the better, the humidity in winter is about 50%, if it is too high, people will feel chest tightness, shortness of breath.

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