Humidifier Purchase Guidance

- Nov 07, 2019-

Humidifier Purchase Guidance

1. Selection type: The current humidifier has ultrasonic type. Ultrasonic type atomizes water by ultrasonic vibration to achieve uniform humidification. It is characterized by humidification and quick effect, and the price is economical, which is in line with the general household use. Try to choose a humidifier with adjustable humidification and use bottled purified water on the market, which can eliminate the phenomenon of "white powder". In addition, it is also important to have an antibacterial function. The bottled water is automatically powered off after use, and the use is safe;ultrasonic humidifier aroma diffuser

2. Judging the quality: If you want to buy a spray humidifier, you should pay attention to the atomization effect or humidification degree of the humidifier. A simple way to detect the atomization effect is to turn the fog volume to the mid-range to see if the water mist is fine, transparent and up. At this time, the palm can be sprayed 20 cm from the spray port and sprayed continuously for 15 seconds. If the palm is moist and the water drops are dripping, the atomization effect can reach the requirement of uniform fine and rapid humidification. Humidification effect is a comprehensive concept, not only the water molecules are fine, but also the humidification speed is fast. Consider these when shopping.

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3, Paying attention to performance: try to choose according to the temperature change automatically adjust the amount of humidification, to achieve the body's required health humidity, accurate hydration, can effectively inhibit the occurrence of influenza and other diseases. The water in the humidifier tank may be used up at any time, so products with automatic waterless protection should be selected to prevent the danger of dry burning.ultrasonic diffuser

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