Humidifier Plus Tap Water Pollution is Comparable to Smog?

- Nov 14, 2019-

Humidifier Plus Tap Water Pollution is Comparable to Smog?

     As the weather turns hot, air conditioning has become an indispensable part of everyday life.

     In order to prevent it from being too dry, many people put a humidifier in the room to enjoy the moist feeling caused by the "smog".

    However, there have been some recent voices on the Internet - adding tap water to the humidifier for atomization is equivalent to smog--is it really true? Humidifier plus tap water is comparable to smog?

   According to a hot post on the Internet, it is best to use pure water in household humidifiers because chlorine atoms and microorganisms in tap water may be polluted by water mist.

Humidifier Plus Tap Water Pollution is Comparable to Smog?

       If the tap water hardness is high, the water mist sprayed from the humidifier will contain white powder due to the presence of calcium and magnesium ions, which may pollute the indoor air and may be more serious than the haze!

      Expert: The water mist particles of the humidifier are not harmful to the human airway

      Experts said that many people have some misunderstandings in this respect. Even if the humidifier is added with tap water for atomization, the atomized water is only the particles of water, because the main component of tap water is water, which is mixed with a component of calcium, phosphorus and chlorine.

      However, the PM2.5 instrument does not distinguish whether it is dust particles or water particles, so it is also counted as PM2.5 particles, and the main cause of smog is dust particles, which have great airway to people. damage. However, the water mist particles do not damage the human airway.

       Use a humidifier, keep these three points in mind. An interview with the reporter found that most people use tap water when using the humidifier.

Humidifier Plus Tap Water Pollution is Comparable to Smog?

Expert advice,

      First, pure water and distilled water have high purity and no impurities, which is the best choice for humidifiers.

     Secondly, the uninterrupted use of the humidifier for a long time will cause the room to be too humid and cause damage to the body. It usually takes two to three hours to be deactivated, and the window is opened to allow outdoor indoor air to circulate.

     In addition, the use of humidifiers must be changed frequently, regular cleaning, unclean water quality may cause respiratory fungal infections, long-term inhalation of pollution sources may lead to acute lung infection, which is "hypertensive pneumonia."

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