Humidifier =? panacea

- Nov 20, 2019-

Humidifier = Panacea?

When using the humidifier, everyone also encountered various problems, and said that the humidifier is not a panacea for solving the air humidity, and improper use will bring many hidden dangers.

In the course of use, Tanya, a consumer from Beijing, found that Beijing's water quality is hard, and the humidifier is used for a long time, and a layer of “white powder” will appear on the table. This is the product of the minerals contained in the tap water that are atomized by the humidifier. Once in the lungs, severe lung inflammation can occur. In response to this situation, a humidifier with a multi-effect water purification filter and an anion bacteriostatic water tank has appeared on the market to filter impurities in the hard water, so that the sprayed water mist is relatively clean and reduces the damage to the body.

cute mini humidifier

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