Humidifier buying

- Sep 13, 2016-

Humidifier is a small electrical appliances, low price, at the time of purchase, there are many considerations need to remind you, so you can better choose their own products.

First, buy the humidifier housing area of selection when using the humidifier, too dry or too wet is bad, only science and wet, in order to better protect you and your family's health, so size is a factor you need to consider before buying. 20 sqm room suitable for humidification capacity for 270ml/h above the humidifier, 40 or 50 square meters room select the humidification capacity for 540ml/h products.

Second, the purchase according to brands to choose the humidifier the humidifier is not an expensive appliance, but do not buy a computer at home, who buy friends hope that quality can be guaranteed and longer service life, then choose a reliable brand is especially important. If you go to resell or supermarket, you can find countless humidifier brands on the market, prices from dozens of Yuan to hundreds of Yuan has, dozens of the humidifier is mostly small factories, only the humidifier without removing bacteria and other functions, but there is no guarantee in the after-sales service, and does not recommend the purchase.

Third, purchase humidifier according to function to select humidifier of function increasingly more, heat function, and antibacterial function, and no bacteria added wet, and silver ion sterilization, and automatically humidity function and so on, these function than original only added wet function of humidifier more conducive to health, how select for himself of humidifier to for personal situation,, like you is one beauty of ladies, wants to with humidifier moist skin, raised yan beauty, so can select has heat function of humidifier ; If you want to worry and effort you can choose automatic humidity humidifier, it can automatically according to indoor humidity humidity or stop wetting, more convenient to use, such as Asia and most products use the humidity display technology, user-friendly displays temperature and humidity in the environment ...

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