​The difference between aromatherapy machine and humidifier(A)

- Jun 01, 2018-

The difference between aromatherapy machine and humidifier(A)

Oil diffuser liquid molecules can be instantly into a diameter of 0.1 3 micron cold fog, every sweet mist to maintain the uniform, fine grain and light, and can stay for a long time in the air give full play to the aroma of the magical effect, at the same time, a lot of anion can purify air, and full of humidification, phototherapy, and series of auxiliary functions, such as colour therapy to users at the same time of skin moisturizing can greatly improve efficiency of oil the absorption of nutrients in the body.

Humidification machine material for general engineering plastics, the poor corrosion resistance of pure plant essential oil, drip into the pure plant essential oil in the humidifier will likely damage the humidifier, reduce the service life of the humidifier.

And optimal graceful aromatherapy machine no matter from the material selection, product structure design, core atomization piece, electronic circuits and components, chip keys, and so on are developed for the suitability of plant essential oil, so it may be said is the best partner of a new generation plant essential oil.

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1. Functional differences

Oil diffuser cavity can add pure plant essential oil and pure water, so as to relieve pressure, health care, purify air, clean white beauty, moisturize and moisturize, reduce radiation and other functions.

The main function of humidifier is humidifying, only water can be added, and some product structures have limitations on water quality due to the design of water level.

2. Material differences

Because pure plant essential oil is mostly partial acid, easy to produce certain corrosive to common plastic container.

Theoil diffuser USES antiseptic materials.

The main use medium of humidifiers is water, and the requirements for materials are not high. Generally, ABS engineering plastics are used in the humidifiers on the market, which are not resistant to the corrosion of pure plant essential oil

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3. Difference of water cavity

Oil diffuser designed for oil users, each product research and development adhere to the humanized design and friendly user interface, users in the use of the products have very good experience, cleaning and maintenance, especially water cavity structure design is concise, greatly facilitate the user for cleaning and maintenance;

The cilified water tank capacity design, from the beginning to the end of the incense smoke concentration to maintain uniform.

The humidifier basically has the design of water tank. The design of water chamber is complicated and redundant.

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