Oil diffuser type(A)

- May 30, 2018-


Oil diffuser type

The first type, aromatherapy aromatherapy machine, uses a bit like a humidifier, pours water and adds a few drops of essential oil, and the essential oil will volatilize with the water mist. Because essential oils are to be dripped into water, essential oils and water are not the same, not all essential oils are suitable for this aromatherapy machine.

 Generally, the aromatherapy machine can adjust the intensity of water fog, and some can also illuminate and adjust the brightness and color. The aroma odor is relatively light, and can run continuously for an hour or two, or the amount of water in the machine is insufficient. Since pure plant essential oils are mostly acidic, they can easily cause certain corrosive effects on ordinary plastic containers. 

Therefore, most of the aromatherapy machines use PP materials, aromatherapy machine chips, wafer spoons, and atomizers are all developed specifically for essential oils and are resistant to oil, water, and chemicals. This aromatherapy machine is relatively easy to clean, and the main concern is the scaling problem. The scale can be cleaned with white vinegar.


The second aromatherapy machine uses high-speed micro-vibration to drive the essential oil to volatilize and diffuse without adding water, just a few drops of essential oil. This aromatherapy machine is suitable for most aromatherapy single or combination essential oils. This aromatherapy machine has a relatively wide range of fragrance odors. 

The machine usually shakes for a minute or two and pauses for a minute and then shakes for a minute or two. Essential oils are usually placed in a glass or ceramic vessel. One end of the vessel is connected to the body, which drives high-frequency vibrations. At the other end, the essential oil evaporates. Small mouth. 


The glass container filled with essential oils has a special oil cleaning solution, or uses the most appropriate amount of lavender essential oil to neutralize the essential oil remaining in the container, or sprays the cleaning solution cleaning residue into the container with the washing solution of the cleaning dishes. It is advisable not to leave the essential oil in the container for a long time. If the essential oil is dry, it is not easy to clean.


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