How to use the humidifier correctly

- Apr 01, 2019-

                          How to use the humidifier correctly?

The weather is dry in autumn and winter, so the humidifier is also placed in the small bedroom. Occasionally, the air is moist and sleep is good. But do you really use a humidifier? Today, Xiaobian will talk to you about how to use the humidifier properly.

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When starting to use, it is not necessary to spray after starting the machine. The correct application of the humidifier is more conducive to well-being. To meet the scientific humidification requirements, pay attention to the following points:

First, the humidity is suitable

Only the proper humidity is good for well-being. It is too late. The national standard rules and the environmental humidity are controlled between 45-65%. The immune function of the human body is the strongest. If the humidity is too high, the human respiratory system and mucous membrane will be uncomfortable. Low will show the phenomenon of nasal dryness, skin molting, etc., so when using the humidifier, if there is no automatic thermostat function, I can buy a hygrometer, and stop the humidification after reaching a moderate temperature.

Second, the placement position

The humidifier should be placed on a stable plane 0.5 to 1.5 meters above the air to ensure the humidification effect. Some electric humidifiers release hot steam. Children with children should pay special attention to it. Do not touch it to avoid burns. In addition, the humidifier should be placed in the center of the distance of 1 meter from all household appliances and furniture to prevent moisture.


Third, clean water

During the humidifier process, the water in the water tank should be kept clean. There are many ways to ensure the water is clean. The calcium and magnesium ions in the filtered water can be filtered through technical treatment, or the food-grade data can be used to protect the water tank. The water in the water stops purifying

Fourth, the air is clean

In order to clean the air, first of all, we must adhere to indoor cleaning to prevent pollution sources. Of course, it is best to use a humidifier with purification function to effectively filter harmful dust in the air and achieve the dual effects of purifying air and humidifying.


Five, pay attention to cleaning

The humidifier should be changed every day. It should be cleaned once a week or so. Otherwise, the water that has been used for too long will become moisture and will be distributed into the air, which will cause secondary pollution and endanger the health of the body. Do not put the machine into the water during cleaning. The temperature of the washing water must not exceed 50 °C. Clean the transducer sheet with a soft brush; the sink is wiped with a soft cloth twice a week; the sensor is wiped with a soft cloth; the tank can be washed and shaken two or three times.

The last thing to note is that when using it, don't touch the water surface with your hands, and don't use it in empty boxes. When you move, you should let the water in the water tank be drained and you can't invert it. In addition, when adding water, many humidifiers add water after the water has evaporated, and the water inlet is below. Therefore, do not add water in the presence of water to avoid damage to the humidifier due to improper operation.

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