How to Use Electric Heating Humidifier

- Nov 29, 2019-

How to Use Electric Heating Humidifier

      Pay attention to keep a distance from other appliances, about 1 meter is appropriate. The humidity emitted by the humidifier will affect other home appliances, so please keep a distance when using it. In addition, do not lean the humidifier against the wall, so the fog of the humidifier will easily leave a white mark on the wall.

       Correctly add water: When using a humidifier, do not touch the water surface with your hands or use it in an empty tank. When moving, drain the water from the tank and do not invert it. In addition, many humidifiers add water after the water has evaporated, and the water inlet is below, so do not add water when the humidifier is working, otherwise the humidifier may be damaged due to improper operation.

       Pay attention to cleaning: The humidifier should be replaced with water every day, and it should be cleaned once a week or so, otherwise the water for too long time will become moisture and be emitted into the air, which will cause secondary pollution and endanger health. Use a soft-bristled brush when cleaning; wipe the water tank and sensor with a soft cloth; clean the water tank and shake it two or three times after pouring it.

How to Use Electric Heating Humidifier

       Suitable humidity: When using a humidifier, the humidity of the room should be controlled. A healthy humidity environment is 45% to 65%. Under such humidity conditions, the human body feels most comfortable and various germs are not easy to spread. If the humidity is too high, it will cause discomfort to the human respiratory system and mucous membranes, and if it is too low, it will cause dryness of the nasal cavity and skin peeling. Therefore, when using a humidifier, if you do not have an automatic constant temperature function, you can also buy a hygrometer to reach a moderate Stop humidification after humidity.

       Clean with water: Avoid pouring tap water directly into the water tank. The correct method is to boil the water, dry it and then pour it into the water tank. This will not only kill the bacteria in the water, but also evaporate the chlorine. If possible, you can boil pure water and add it after cooling. The effect is the best.

       Clean air: To keep the air clean, we must first keep the room clean and avoid pollution sources. Of course, it is best to use a humidifier with purification function to effectively filter harmful particles and dust in the air to achieve the dual effect of purifying and humidifying the air.

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