How to Make Diffuser oil at Home

- Aug 22, 2017-

How to Make Diffuser oil at Home

  Common in homes and even offices, diffusers are generally effective and safe for scenting the air without necessarily using an open flame, chemical, hot wax or electricity as air fresheners. The purpose of an essential oil diffuser basically is to spread aroma in a room or a house, purifying and deodorizing air and lifting the mood of the occupants. Some people prefer using reeds to mainly diffuse the aroma and some use electricity to heat the oils.

  Most diffusers contain carrier oils and artificial fragrances whose fumes are not really healthy and this in all ways defeats the purpose of trying to create something pure, sweet smelling and something that gives energy. It is therefore best and more prudent to make your own homemade essential oil diffuser. This is more quick and easy to make and good news is that you will know exactly what is contains and you can use materials you got at home to make this diffuser. Knowing how to make diffuser oil is both economical and literally takes you a minute to get it done.

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Easy way to make diffuser oil at home

Many people experiment with different essential oils before they finally get what they really like and what suits them best. The process is not complicated at all as it is extremely easy to learn. People should purpose to know how to make diffuser oil so that their homes constantly smell good and their moods are always lifted. Some of the few items needed when you are making a diffuser are:

A glass or a jar- the jar should be short and small preferably with a narrow opening at the top. The reason behind getting a jar with a smaller opening is so that it slows down the evaporation of the oils. Some of the jars you can repurpose for this function include ; small vases, perfume bottles, spice jars, shakers and small oil bottles

You need an essential oil of your choice- some of the common combinations of these essential oils are cinnamon and lavender mainly for the living room and rosemary and spearmint for the bathroom. You can also go with what you want to achieve for example; lemon, thyme and lemon grass for purification, orange, lavender, peppermint, cedar wood and jasmine to combat depression and inspire a positive state of the mind and you can also use peppermint for energy.

Bamboo skewers or reeds- make sure to use new reed diffusers as old ones lose their effectiveness when they have been saturated with oil. The reeds can be purchased online and are quite affordable. Use reeds that are double the height of the container so to increase the scenting ability.

Carrier oil (base)- people use carrier oils as the base and the common ones are sweet almond oil and safflower oil particularly because they are very light and therefor travel up the reeds easily. If you cannot find these oils then alternatively you can use water and add some alcohol or vodka in it. The advantage of alcohol and vodka is that they won’t leave a greasy mess when/if they get knocked over.

After you have assembled everything you basically need, follow the below procedure to make diffuser oil;

Take your chosen container or jar, clean it with hot soapy water and ensure that you rinse it properly. Be sure to avoid plastic containers as the oils may eat at it and make it toxic.

After deciding on the essential oil you want, blend it with diffuser base oil. You should go for a blend that has 30% essential oil and 70% base oil. If you are going for water and vodka as your base then it is advisable to add 12 drops of the oil of your choice to a quarter cup of water then make sure to add a little vodka. The primary purpose of the vodka is to help bind the oils to water. You can also add a splash of alcohol to the oil mixture and this particularly helps the oils travel faster and more effectively up the reeds.

Add the mixture or the blend of the oils to the jar or container that you had cleaned

Insert the reeds, sticks or skewers into the jar- the number of reeds you decide to use depend on the size of the container or the strength of the oils fragrance and the size of the room.

After a while, preferably some hours, ensure you flip the sticks over and insert the end that is dry into the jar to ensure that the other end is saturated too.

If you intend to use it for a week or so continuously flip the sticks and swirl the jar until the scent diminishes. If you like, over time you can add more essential oil to the mix but ensure you swirl it while at it. The sticks lose the ability to diffuse once they are completely saturated and this is the perfect time to change them and replace them.

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  • For quicker results always choose lighter oils like sweet almond because heavy oils like jojoba and olive oil take a longer time to travel up the reeds.

  • A narrow container is ideal because it slows down evaporation

  • Adding alcohol to the mixture helps with speeding up the process of the essential oil moving up the reeds thus highly recommended

  • It is important to replace the reed once they are completely saturated because they will stop being effective

  • Always keep it out of reach for children

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